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Giving you time, rest, and nurturing care after birth and adoption

How I Can Support You as Your Postpartum Doula

Evidence-Based Care

Continuous education allows me to help you navigate through many things that come up postpartum, such as infant sleep, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, infant behaviors, recovery after birth, and more. I have a Masters in Public Health (MPH) from the University of Arizona with a focus on Maternal and Child Health.

Emotional Support

Being aware of the unique highs and lows families can feel after giving birth or adopting a newborn, I am observant and stay tuned to you and your partner's needs. I am there to listen, laugh, or simply give a hug when needed ❤

Home Support

I am there to help with the little (but important!) things around your home, whether that's helping with light cleaning/chores, other siblings/older children, pets, and more. In particular, I can cook nourishing, homemade healthy meals for you to enjoy. For me, food is love.


Apoyo Posparto en Español

Hablo Español! Si prefieres tener apoyo en español, estoy aqui para su familia - a la orden!


My Approach

I provide non-judgmental postpartum support to all parents - mothers, fathers, queer/LGBTQ+, teenage parents, and adoptive parents. The journey of welcoming a baby into the family can be a mix of emotions - Starting off with positive, evidence-based support can have benefits for you and your family that will last a lifetime.

Let me be your sunshine ☀

A.S. & I.S. - Tucson, AZ

"Camille was an excellent postpartum doula. We are a lesbian couple who needed extra help since we don't have family nearby. We trusted her with the care of our newborn, and she helped take such a load off our shoulders! Camille was willing to cook, tidy up, and help with our older child. She was flexible with our needs and very responsive. I would definitely recommend her to other moms and queer families looking for support after birth."

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